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Composite Bonding

Bonding is a technique that allows us to produce dramatic results quickly and easily. We can fill gaps in your teeth or make a chipped tooth whole or cover stained teeth. It is one of the most flexible and inexpensive techniques we offer. Composite bonding is very much like having a sculptor use beautiful, natural-colored materials to treat problem areas with your teeth. We can fill gaps in your teeth, change shapes, change color or transform a chipped tooth to a whole tooth. It is a technique that our patients describe with wonder.

The Procedure: We begin by preparing the tooth or teeth to receive the composite bonding materials. We use a mild solution to condition the surface of the tooth so the composite material will adhere. We then apply several layers of materials and sculpt the shape of the tooth to its most attractive form. We also control the shade or whiteness of the tooth, which gives us a great deal of aesthetic latitude.

Notes on Bonding: Bonding offers many advantages, but like all dental procedures, it is the appropriate use for the circumstances that makes the difference. Bonding can be almost miraculous in some cases. For a small chip or small space between teeth, bonding is both inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. However, bonding is not appropriate for all applications. This is why personal communication is so important during a consultation for your perfect smile.

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