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Dental Implants

Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. Instead of wearing loose fitting and sore dentures or some bridges that are difficult to keep clean, implants act as natural teeth replacements. They are synthetic structures that are placed into the bone with biomaterials that easily fuses with the human body. Implants have been used for over 40 years with continuous improvement. Dr. Worful believes they are the best way to replace missing teeth in almost all cases. They are the most naturally looking, being indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth. Like all natural teeth, proper hygiene is required to keep them healthy and functional for many years.

Surgery can be completed in our office for a majority of areas. However, occasionally we may refer to an oral surgeon that Dr. Worful and his team has done many successful implant cases with. After surgery, we allow a healing time of a few months before a crown is placed on the implant so normal, healthy eating can resume. Ask us how many people like you have been satisfied replacing a missing tooth they wanted restored for years.