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Preventative Treatment

Exams: We take a comprehensive look at the patient’s main concerns, previous treatment and medical history and to check for any current or potential problems.

Fluoride: Fluoride not only strengthens teeth but also helps gums heal and decreases sensitivity. We highly recommend fluoride treatment at almost every recall visit, and it may be prescribed for home use, too.

Radiographs (X-rays): X-rays allow us to check between the teeth and under the bone. At Worful Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we prefer to treat problems at their smallest stages and recommend having x-rays done at regular intervals so we can detect problems before they develop into more costly and painful concerns.

Occlusal Appliances: Occlusal appliances—or “bite splints”—are recommended if a patient is clenching or grinding his or her teeth. The forces of grinding can cause teeth to wear down. Once the teeth are worn down, the bite is hard to establish. Worn teeth can present many problems, including sensitivity, decay, joint pain and appearance.

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